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RhEDAboutA Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

A big thank you from RhED

RhED would like to acknowledge and thank a number of people and organisations for donating food and/or supplies which are distributed to clients and community members.

These include:

  • KOGO, Share The Dignity, Oz Harvest, Topolino’s and Silent Arrow who donate to H2H. H2H is a space for sex workers that operates at 31 Grey Street, St Kilda every Friday.
  • The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court – with flexible funds for brokerage & care packages for women released from prison,
  • The City of Port Phillip for local Drug Strategy funds to support  street sex workers in the City of Port Phillip,
  • SAX Health Care and Four Seasons Condoms for their donation of safe sex supplies.

Also RhED would like to thank all the people who quietly support the program and its workers – both peers and professionals – and the sex industry.

RhED respects the rights of all the many sex workers who give their energy, their trust, their insightful advice and their time to supporting our program.