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RhEDAboutRhED Advocacy

RhED Advocacy

Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry (RhED) is a state-wide health, education and support service for the sex industry provided by Star Health. RhED is committed to respecting and reflecting the needs of the sex industry in the development of health and education programs.

RhED advocates for systemic and legal changes to improve the health and wellbeing of sex workers including reducing discrimination and violence against sex workers; increasing the social inclusion of sex workers and promoting equitable access to health and other relevant services for sex workers.

RhED is a program of Star Health. Star Health holds the view that sex workers are part of the community and that attempting to restrict sex work will not eliminate it. Maintaining the health and human rights of all sex workers benefits the community. Respecting an individual’s right to choose their mode of employment and enabling them to work in the safest way possible exemplifies this.

RhED Position Paper

The RhED Position paper was created in response to the review of the Prostitution Control Act 1994 in 2011. An outcome of the lobbying and advocacy has been the language change to The Sex Work Act 1994.

The RhED position paper has been updated as RhED continues to lobby for further reform to better support the health and wellbeing of sex workers.

As a program of ISCH, RhED operates from a harm reduction approach providing practical and realistic health information and supports. Sex work is an occupation that many individuals choose to engage in as a legitimate work choice. RhED aims to provide a service that recognises that health is not only a physical dimension but includes a person’s emotional and social wellbeing.

RhED works with sex workers of all genders, sexes and sexualities. RhED provides services at brothels, escort agencies, in private situations, on the streets and at other negotiated venues. RhED also works with commercial and private partners of those associated with the sex industry and with other relevant service providers. RhED provides, through confidential telephone, drop-in and outreach services, support and debriefing, counselling, information, referral, advocacy, education, educational resources, safe sex supplies and many publications.

RED Magazine

RhED produces a bi-annual social health magazine – RED. Each issue is packed with a variety of features, regular items including Trade Talk and Media Talk, as well as contributions from sex workers such as stories, poems and information.

RhED Voice

The RhED E-newsletter is for us to share our work with our stakeholders. It is published three times a year. RhED Voice promotes advocacy and education about the Victorian sex industry and thanks key stakeholders and supporters for their ongoing support.

Please feel free to pass it on and give us feedback.

Sex Work Ministerial Advisory Committee

RhED is represented on the Sex Work Ministerial Advisory Committee.

The Sex Work Ministerial Advisory Committee is an independent statutory body, which advises the Consumer Affairs Minister on sex work industry issues.

Public speaking

RhED speaks at conferences, workshops and seminars.

Public speaking opportunities provide information and education about the sex industry and reduce the stigma and discrimination that people may experience working in the sex industry.

RhED provides education/information sessions to agencies, workplaces, education/learning centres and the general community. Presentations and talks are tailored to audience needs.

RhED participates in community campaigns. These include:

  • PRIDE March
  • International Day Against Homophobia
  • International Day for Sex Workers Rights
  • International Whores Day
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

For more information phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email