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RhEDNot a Sex Worker?Students and Researchers

Students and Researchers

Please read the material on this website.

You will find information and links to materials that will help you with your research.

Sex workers are experts in their own field – if you are not a sex worker, don’t assume your research is needed by sex workers or will “solve their problems”.

It is essential that research is conducted WITH and BY sex workers not ON or ABOUT sex workers. Consider using a framework/method where sex workers are participating in the process themselves – actively involved in the research design, implementation, analysis and dissemination. Note that it is not uncommon for sex workers to refuse to participate in research studies unless they are members of the research team and/or receive financial compensation.

Click here for additional information about research on sex work
RhED receives a lot of requests from students seeking support for research assignments. We encourage students to be specific about what parts of the sex industry they want to research, and to then read materials which can be sourced from this website and your own university library.

These websites may also be useful:

Scarlet Alliance


Global Network of Sex Work Projects


If you are seeking support from RhED to work together on research in the sex industry, formal requests together with ethics approval are to be made to RhED management.


For more information phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email