RhED produces a bi-annual social health magazine – RED.

The RED magazine has a sex worker reference group that meets three times per edition. Please contact Kima if you are interested in being part of the group, M: 0459 988 804 or email sexworker@sexworker.org.au for more information.

Each issue is packed with a variety of features, regular items including Trade Talk and Media Talk, as well as contributions from sex workers such as stories, poems and information.

RED aims to reflect the diversity of our readership and to do this we need your feedback and contributions. Please send us your information, opinions, ideas, artwork and requests for articles of interest to you. Post, fax, phone or email us: any way you like – just keep in touch!

If you wish to advertise in the RED magazine or receive a hard copy, please phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email sexworker@sexworker.org.au

RED Edition #32 October 2017

Dear RED readers

Welcome to the 32nd edition of the RED magazine.

I would like to thank the RhED team and the sex industry for welcoming me officially into to the role of Coordinator of the program. It’s been a busy few months!

We were very excited to have our RhED volunteers nominated for the Minister for Health volunteer awards in May for the work done in our Friday night Hustling to Health space for street based sex workers. Congratulations to the staff and volunteers who work in this space.

The RhED team organised an informal event for key stakeholders and the general public on International Sex Worker’s Day on the 2nd June at the RhED office. The event was an opportunity to bring sex workers, other key stakeholders, and the general public together to acknowledge and celebrate that sex work is real work, and that sex workers rights are human rights. Some of the art works created in the ongoing RhED arts project were hung in the space to commemorate the day, and remain there still brightening up our front of house space and creating plenty of conversation starters. The purpose of the arts project as instigated by sex workers is to educate the community through public display in order to address the stigma and discrimination faced by sex workers. We are well on the way to doing this through all the incredible art work that is continuing to be produced!

The review of the RED magazine has been completed, and the magazine will continue in its current print form for the foreseeable future with some potential changes meaning that we may have capacity to print more content from you! As always, if you have any feedback about improving the magazine, or any of RhED’s services, please contact us directly at sexworker@sexworker.org.au or 1800 458 752 – we’d love to hear from you!

RhED continues to seek opportunities to advocate for the rights of sex workers through engaging in community education and training and furthering the development of our decriminalisation action plan which focuses on the ‘smart and safe regulation of the sex industry.’ RhED is also in the process of establishing a sex worker advisory committee to enhance opportunities to engage with, and receive feedback from the industry about the work we are doing. We also have other events and opportunities coming up throughout the year so please keep in touch with us via facebook and/or our website for further details.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Catriona Hodgson
Coordinator RhED


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