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RED Magazine (archives)

RED Edition #33 April 2018

Dear RED readers

Welcome to the 33rd edition of the RED magazine.

The RhED program has been exceptionally busy with a range of initiatives and events to highlight sex worker rights and harness the power of community.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers was marked by a community event at O’Donnell Gardens in St Kilda with sex workers and allies in December 2017. Once again the RhED program was represented at Pride March in St Kilda in the scorching heat in January 2018. Many thanks to the sex workers and allies who joined us at these events.

International Sex Worker Rights Day this year was celebrated at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park, Melbourne with the launch of the RhED art exhibition. Over 80 art works were created over the course of the RhED two year art project, the culmination being the exhibited works at a three week exhibition at Gasworks. The artworks proved to be a powerful tool in a public setting to challenge the stigma and discrimination about the sex industry and to highlight the need for better workplace and legal rights. You can see a snapshot of some of the incredible works exhibited on pages 20-25 of this edition.

The RhED team also had a presence at the International Women’s Day event on 7 March in Melbourne, with an information table. We marched alongside volunteers, sex workers and allies in acknowledgement of structural inequality and human rights issues.

There have been some significant changes to RhED’s Pathways program. This program now operates as its’ own stream of RhED.

RhED has established its sex worker advisory committee to enhance opportunities to engage with and receive feedback from the industry about the work we are doing. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about this new initiative.

We will have other events and opportunities coming up throughout the year so please keep in touch with us via our Facebook pages and/or our website for further details.

As always, if you have any feedback about improving the magazine or any of RhED’s services, please contact us directly at or 1800 458 752.

In solidarity


Catriona Hodgson
Coordinator RhED
Erin Black
Coordinator Pathways


Trade talk

Media talk

#33 Worker U English Chinese Korean Thai – contribution

Salome’s Circle – Stigma, Silence and Stacey – contribution

Sex Worker Relationships: Dating a sex worker who is also transgender – contribution

Sex Work and romantic relationships – contribution

Pillow Talk: Juggling personal relationships with our job as sex workers – contribution

#33 My Red Umrella tattoo – contribution

From The Archives: Australian lesbian and Gay Archive visit – contribution

Street Based Sex Worker – contribution

#33 Art Project – The Sex Worker Exhibition – contribution

Migrant pages RhED Arts Project #33– English, Chinese, Korean Thai – contribution

RhED Arts Project – The Sex Worker Exhibition – English, Chinese, Korean and Thai

Review: The Florida Project

Out and About: Midsumma Carnival – contribution

RhED welcomes Christina, Amy and Xiaolei – Pathways case managers

Ugly Mugs



Dear RED readers

Welcome to the 32nd edition of the RED magazine.

I would like to thank the RhED team and the sex industry for welcoming me officially into to the role of Coordinator of the program. It’s been a busy few months!

We were very excited to have our RhED volunteers nominated for the Minister for Health volunteer awards in May for the work done in our Friday night Hustling to Health space for street based sex workers. Congratulations to the staff and volunteers who work in this space.

The RhED team organised an informal event for key stakeholders and the general public on International Sex Worker’s Day on the 2nd June at the RhED office. The event was an opportunity to bring sex workers, other key stakeholders, and the general public together to acknowledge and celebrate that sex work is real work, and that sex workers rights are human rights. Some of the art works created in the ongoing RhED arts project were hung in the space to commemorate the day, and remain there still brightening up our front of house space and creating plenty of conversation starters. The purpose of the arts project as instigated by sex workers is to educate the community through public display in order to address the stigma and discrimination faced by sex workers. We are well on the way to doing this through all the incredible art work that is continuing to be produced!

The review of the RED magazine has been completed, and the magazine will continue in its current print form for the foreseeable future with some potential changes meaning that we may have capacity to print more content from you! As always, if you have any feedback about improving the magazine, or any of RhED’s services, please contact us directly at or 1800 458 752 – we’d love to hear from you!

RhED continues to seek opportunities to advocate for the rights of sex workers through engaging in community education and training and furthering the development of our decriminalisation action plan which focuses on the ‘smart and safe regulation of the sex industry.’ RhED is also in the process of establishing a sex worker advisory committee to enhance opportunities to engage with, and receive feedback from the industry about the work we are doing. We also have other events and opportunities coming up throughout the year so please keep in touch with us via facebook and/or our website for further details.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Catriona Hodgson
Coordinator RhED


Trade talk

Media talk

#32 Worker U Burnout  English, Chinese, Korean, Thai – contribution

Vaylira Passionfruit – contribution

Pillow Talk: a most unusual request – contribution

Dungeon Diaries – contribution

#32 RhED Art Project Sex Work It’s A Real Job contribution

Out & About : Sex workers in rural areas – contribution

What is Red Files – contribution

Venus Babes – contribution

Happy 20th Birthday Club Pleasure – contribution

Salomes Circle: how we started – contribution

Scarlet Alliance Forum – contribution

#32 Vox Pop 2 minutes with a sex worker English, Chinese, Korean, Thai – contribution

#32 International Sex Worker’s Day contribution



“RED Edition #31 April 2017”]
RED Edition #31 April 2017

Dear RED readers,

Welcome to the 31st edition of the RED magazine.

The RhED team have been busier than ever!

The RhED Arts project has been a huge success. Following its initial launch, the Art project has been showcased at the Scarlet Alliance National Forum art show at Format Gallery in Adelaide, the Sex-ED up forum in Melbourne and will be touring various other sites throughout 2017. The collection was aimed at educating the community in a public exhibition in order to reduce stigma and discrimination and promote decriminalisation.

In November RhED staff and volunteers attended and presented at the Scarlet Alliance Forum in Adelaide and look forward to attending again this year. RhED took part in the Midsumma and Pride events early this year in support of our LGBTI community and to celebrate diversity. RhED is also pleased to announce that it will also be presenting at the world conference on public health in April.

RhED, in collaboration with Stabilise and Touching Base offered two jam packed days in the disability domain. RhED worked alongside Rachel Wotton from Touching Base who facilitated a one day professional development workshop for sex workers designed to increase their knowledge, confidence and connection within the disability sector. The following day Stabilise facilitated the “SexED UP Expo” with workshops, information and training sessions to address sexuality and intimacy for people living with a disability. Sessions provided a platform for discussion, education and policy development to improve, enable and enhance this often unacknowledged aspect of people’s lives.

A review of the RED magazine is underway and we are seeking expressions of interest from you to help improve this resource. Please contact us directly at or 1800 458 752 to arrange a time to discuss this further.

We have other events and opportunities coming up throughout the year so please watch this space and enjoy reading this edition.

Kate Byford
Coordinator RhED


Trade talk


Media talk

Balanitis- English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

Worker “U” – contribution

Migrant sex workers – English, Chinese, Korean and Thai – contribution

Dungeon Diaries – contribution

Review “Tickled”

Scarlet Alliance Forum – contribution

Dressed to the Nines – contribution

How do I identify as a sex worker – contribution

The common idea of a perfect working girl’s body – contribution

Pillow Talk – contribution

RhED art project – sex work – it’s a real job

Scarlet Letters

Professional Development, Fabulous February – contribution

Poems: “Gelf for hire” and “Suck a pretty face” – contribution

Ugly Mugs


Smiley Face a new resource


RED Edition #30 October 2016

Dear RED readers,

Welcome to the 30th edition of RED where we acknowledge and celebrate the last 15 years of the RED magazine.

This is a significant and exciting milestone for the program, and one we could not have reached without your contributions and feedback over the last 15 years. Without your contributions and feedback, we would not have a magazine, and we are eternally grateful for the mass of contributions that continue to flow our way! Thank you!

2016 has seen the launch of the RhED art project which you can read about in the magazine, and follow us on our Facebook page for updates. This project seeks to explore different ways of expressing sex worker voices through art mediums, and we are hoping that this project will support our decriminalisation strategy more broadly.

In September we bid farewell to our esteemed colleague and friend Mardi Kennedy who has been with the program for the last five years. Mardi has been a strong and passionate advocate for the industry and will be sorely missed. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours Mardi!

We are currently exploring ideas for our professional development workshops for 2017 – see more information on page 2 – so please contact us with any ideas you may have!

Finally, RhED will be holding a stall at SEXPO in November this year – please come along and visit us, we’d love to see you!

Catriona Hodgson
Acting Co-ordinator, RhED


Trade talk

Pride March / Arts project

Media talk

Gonorrhoea – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

#30 Can you tell me what you know about G

What is it about sex work that makes you feel powerful? – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai (Scarlet Alliance)

When in Amsterdam – contribution

Dungeon diaries – contribution

#30 Arts in the sex industry

RhED art project: sex work – it’s a real job – contribution

#30 15 years of RED magazine

RED magazine #30 anniversary edition

Scarlet letters

15 years of sex work – contribution

Celebrating diversity – contribution

#30 Deconstructing the sex industry

The world’s oldest profession’s rules and regulations – contribution

Ugly mugs


Stabilize – empowering sexuality – contribution


RED Edition #29 April 2016

Hello RED readers.

Welcome to 2016 and the 29th edition of the RED magazine.

There is an international theme of decriminalisation running through this edition. This includes:

In December 2015, RhED held an event at Trades Hall advocating for full decriminalisation of the sex industry. Key speakers included MPs, Fiona Patten and Martin Foley and Jane Green, VIXEN all raising awareness about the stigma and discrimination that sex workers continue to face with the current legislation.

Gabby visited the English Prostitutes’ Collective in London and writes about their experience of working towards decriminalisation with supportive politicians.

To support the decriminalisation strategy, RhED is commencing an art project and welcomes all sex workers to participate.

Welcome to Hayley Ballinger, the new Pathways case manager. Hayley’s background in case management and community development supports the Pathways’ work in assisting people who are thinking about other employment options.

I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed to last year’s Red Umbrella Day events. 10 Inkerman Street marked the event with a front of house gathering where sex workers spoke about their experiences.

RhED is running a free professional development workshop on Wednesday 11 May – see page 5 for details. We hope to see you there.

Our next edition is our 30th and we welcome all contributions.

Kate Byford
Co ordinator RhED


Decriminalise sex work

Trade talk

Starlady, Queen of the Desert

Art project

RhED 2016 Professional development workshops

Media talk

Bacterial Vaginosis – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

Sex work regulations

#29 SW Rights World Mapping Policy

Migrant sex workers – 5 reasons why sex work must be decriminalised in Victoria – contribution

Decriminalise sex work for safety’s sake

Queenie Bon Bon sex worker comedian – contribution

#29 Dungeon Diaries – contribution

RhED pushes for decriminalisation

Scarlet Letters

#29 My first Scarlet Alliance Forum – contribution

#29 We get horney too – sex work and disability – contribution

Pathways program

Expressions of interest Touching Base workshop 2017

Exploitation of sex work in the media

Ugly mugs


Super for the self employed

Proposed sex work regulations – contribution


RED Edition #28 October 2015

Hello RED readers and welcome to the 28th edition of RED.

I am delighted to highlight the news that a landmark vote to decriminalise sex work and protect the human rights of sex workers has been adopted by Amnesty International This is important news globally and will provide further leverage to address decriminalisation of the sex industry across Australia.

RhED would like to acknowledge the years of passion and commitment by Gabby Skelsey who has coordinated the RED magazine since its infancy. Gabby is reducing her working hours and is now concentrating on her Communication Portfolio.

Rachel Shankland is taking parental leave for 12 months and then taking on a position within Inner South Community Health as a drug and alcohol counsellor so will be missed by RhED. We wish her luck on her new adventures.

RhED’s professional development workshops are being revamped and we encourage everyone to go to our website and complete the survey monkey – we need your input!

I want to thank our contributors and encourage everyone in the sex industry that we welcome your ideas, articles and event information. RhED supports sex work and values sex worker input.
Kate Byford
Coordinator RhED


Trade talk

Outreach support

Media talk

Genital herpes – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

Golden rules for managing a successful brothel contribution – pdf

Another reason to decriminalise sex work male contribution – pdf

RhED welcomes Kima

10 reasons sex workers are great parents – pdf

Migrant sex workers – opportunity to work with RhED contribution

My life as a male sex worker

Holy whores – pdf

Global movement to protect sex worker human rights – pdf

Rachel Shankland farewell

Pathways program

Red Rendezvous contribution

Migrant visa opportunity

Review Tangerine

Red Umbrella Day

Scarlet letters

Pride March 2016

Ugly mugs

Stop the violence against sex workers

Ugly mugs



Hello RED readers and welcome to the 27th edition of RED.

I want to introduce myself, Kate Byford. I am the new Coordinator of the RhED program and I’m very excited to be here and feel privileged to be part of a passionate and dynamic team.

Let me start by welcoming both Kylie Delaney as the new Young Women’s Support Worker and Sue Connolly to the Pathways Program. They are welcome additions to the RhED team and come with a wealth of expertise. Sadly, Sarah Rogan who oversaw the male and trans* portfolio as well as Emily Gillespie from our Pathways Program, said their farewells to RhED in late 2014. They’ve both made a significant contribution to the RhED program and we all wish them the very best in their new endeavours.

I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this edition and shared their valuable perspectives, information and events with us. Contributions from the sex industry include articles that address labelling and the impact of stigma with another contribution being thankful for the opportunity of escape into a dream. The article “Who’s who in brothels” provides valuable information to all sex workers about who is calling in to your workplace.

I would like to remind you of the free professional development workshops which will be run again this year on Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 of May. Please come and join us.

We hope that you enjoy the read and look forward to an exciting phase for the RhED program in 2015.

Please send us your feedback and or any contributions you wish to make to future editions of RED. We are here to support you in your work and value your input. Finally I want to thank all of the staff, management, volunteers and clients for helping me settle into the role. I look forward to many more RED magazines to come.

Happy New Year 2015


RhED celebrates at Midsumma

Trade talk

Media talk

Chlaymydia – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

It’s spring cleaning season – pdf

Ice or crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride – contribution

Male sex work and society

Dams – pdf

As sex workers, we are an escape, a dream – pdf

Want to be a sex worker? Go to College

Migrant sex workers – who’s who in the brothels – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

Kylie Delaney – young women’s support worker

Pathways program

2015 professional development workshops

Scarlet letters

RhED celebrates diversity at Pride

Red Umbrella Day sex workers contribution – pdf

Stop the violence against sex workers

Ugly mugs



Dear RED readers,

Welcome to the 26th edition of RED. The key theme for this edition is AIDS 2014, which was held in Melbourne in July. As with most of our RhED staff and peers, I was privileged and pleased to attend the opening ceremony, which was a great introduction to the week.

The RhED program shared a stall with the Global Transgender Networking Zone. This was popular in the global village. The team also attended many of the sessions over the week, and of course, were particularly interested in the sex work related sessions. Our brothel tours were booked out early. The launch of The Lancet journal during that week with a focus on HIV and sex workers internationally, was an opportunity for us in Victoria to reflect on the success of safer sex messages and practice locally. The sobering statistics of HIV prevalence in the developing world at 50% in some parts of Africa, highlighted the importance of involving sex workers in the dialogue of HIV/AIDS. The journal also noted that ongoing research with sex workers, acknowledging the diversity of sex workers as a “culturally diverse group that include women, men and transgender people” and lastly, the impact of legislation and policies on sex work practices across the globe are critical to conquering spread of the virus.

Sadly, we advise that Sandra Gibson has left RhED and acknowledge her wonderful contribution to the program from the transfer from PCV to building the relationships between RhED and the sex industry in Victoria over 13 years. We wish Sandra all the very best in her future endeavours.

As the end of 2014 draws quickly closer, I take this opportunity to remind you of Red Umbrella Day on December 17th. Also, please take a look at our new improved website, we hope it is easier to navigate and find the information and resources you require.

In good health

… Jo


Farewell to Sandra

Trade talk

Media talk

Working? Working!

Migrant sex workers

Trans* Ally

Bacterial vaginosis – English, Chinese, Korean & Thai

Stop BV

A Guide to Sex Toys (pdf)

Are you bi-lingual?

AIDS Conference 2014 – a call to decriminalise the sex industry (pdf)

The Pathways Program

Pride March 2015

A day in the life … Janice Young Women’s Support Worker

Scarlet Alliance National Forum 2015

Old Brothel menu (contribution)

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Ugly Mugs – SMS / email updates

Prostate: pleasure to problems

Review – Young and Beautiful (contribution)

2014 Workshops report

2015 RhED professional development workshops

Scarlet Letters

Did you know? – RhED referral directory

International overdose day awareness

Ugly Mugs



Dear RED readers,

Welcome to the 25th black label edition of RED. As a newcomer to the management team at RhED, I’ve observed firsthand the incredible dedication and passion of our staff and their commitment to sex workers. I’ve also been able to visit a couple of brothels first hand and see the work in action, so feel privileged to present and commend this latest edition to you. I wish to highlight the key articles of interest which include, and in particular, the RhED professional development workshops in May and Sarah’s trip to Empower in Thailand.

Also in this edition, look for the sex worker’s story about her experiences over the years “Times have changed”. Also we provide an interview with a client’s perspective “Client interview” which is a must read for sex workers and management. We welcome a contribution from William Albon, spokesperson for the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry, where he shares his perspective and some frustrations that the licensed industry experience.

We are pleased to welcome two new brothels to “Smiley Faces”. Gotham City and 39 Tope Street have recently joined this program.

We wish to thank to all the sex workers and supporters who attended Red Umbrella Day on 17th December 2013. The weather gods were smiling on us all that day and this aided a good turn out from sex workers, staff and Police, and government officials. I think these same weather gods then abandoned us for the Pride March on 2nd February in 41c heat, although the enthusiasm and support again from staff workers and locals donned the sunscreen and pounded the pavement in spite of their feet sticking to Fitzroy Street!

Lastly, I remind you of a major Melbourne event, International AIDS Conference in July where thousands of delegates from around the world are expected. We welcome interstate and international delegates to the International AIDS Conference and expect that some of you will read and value this edition. In recognition, we have added the AIDS red ribbon logo for the first time. Thanks to all those brothels who are participating in the brothel tours for delegates.

In good health

… Jo


RhED @ Pride

Trade talk

Media talk

RhED FREE professional development workshops

Syphilis, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

Trans* – mental health

The Pathways Project

Male sex work – PRONTO

Empower (PDF)

Peer education works

Trans* tips

Times have changed (Contribution) (PDF)

RhED welcomes delegates to the International AIDS Conference

Festival of Sex Work 2014

Sex worker wins landmark case for sexual harassment

Illegal brothels (Contribution)

Client interview (Contribution) (PDF)

Immigrant and migrant sex workers (Contribution)

Red Light District: Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Ultimate magic brothel lady

Scarlet Letters

Red Umbrella Day (PDF)

Ugly Mugs



Hello to our esteemed RED readers.

Welcome to another illustrious edition of the RED magazine. This issue covers a diverse range of topics which hopefully provide for some stimulating and thought- provoking reading. A contributor from the industry writes about her personal journey through the sex industry maze. Zi Teng reports on sex work in Shenzhen and why Chinese sex workers may come to Australia to do sex work.

In this issue we have once again aimed for a balance of newsworthy, informative and entertaining articles that will hopefully grab your attention and enlighten your understanding of RhED and the sex industry. An article about the US Supreme Court decision to revoke the anti sex work pledge, follows on from previous RED reporting about the impact of this pledge on non-government organsiations across the world. We also detail the negative impacts of the Swedish Model and current law reform in Canada.

Remember, the International AIDS Conference will be held in Melbourne next July, 2014. Over 20,000 people will be visiting Melbourne, many from sex work organisations around the world. I encourage you to participate in brothel tours and functions that will be happening at that time.

We have met with William Albon from the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry (AAEI) who has requested their details be included in the RED listings. This meeting was productive and we hope to be able to attend an AAEI meeting to have productive and informative talks with its’ members.

Thank you again to the contributors of this edition who continue to add valuable perspectives and experiences to our readers.

Hope you all enjoy the read. RhED is here to support you in the industry and please remember your ideas and feedback are always welcome. Don’t forget to visit the website for regular industry updates.

Wishing you well



Promote your brothel

Trade talk

Media talk

BDSM workshop

Disability workshop

Pathways project

What is Trichomoniasis? English, Chinese, Korean and Thai

Is internet pornography ruining your relationship?

Male sex work – arse

The Swedish Model (PDF)

Trans* tips

U.S. Supreme Court decision

Professional development workshops 2014

Journeying through the sex industry (Contribution) (PDF)

Introduction to Shenzhen (Contribution) (PDF)

Sexual health and wellbeing – Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic

Scarlet Letters

Migrant sex workers

Ugly Mugs (PDF)



A very happy New Year & Chinese New Year to all & welcome to another crackerjack edition of the RED magazine. This issue is abundant with articles covering a rich assortment of topics, which are both informative & interesting, reflecting the diversity of our readership.

Coming off the back of an industrious and eventful year RhED is now commencing another busy and exciting time in its planning and development. Some of this is depicted in the enclosed editorials and the rest will unfold as the year progresses.

In the past year RhED staff has taken their expertise to rural Victoria and have championed the rights of sex workers at a number of community campaigns and educational forums. RhED staff has also undertaken some sex worker agency visits in both India and the Philippines. Mardi has been developing the work RhED is doing in CALD brothels through the employment of migrant peer workers – this has opened the door for more positive engagement with managers and workers in these establishments.

A big thank you to all our contributors who have shared some absorbing and challenging perspectives of their experiences in the sex industry – all of which inform the work of RhED. So too do our volunteers who continue to be an invaluable influence and resource. One of our recent volunteers describes her passion for volunteering and her experience in working with the RhED program Hustling to Health (H2H). A sex worker also shares her learning after 10+ years in the industry and Jodine Butler communicates the safety in the kink of the BDSM dungeon.

Other articles and stories incorporate the usual trade and media talk. A Q&A on what to say to clients and how to manage them, translated health and safety information for migrant sex workers, an update on the National peak body – Scarlet Alliance and many more, which all make for interesting reading.

So enjoy your read and please send us your feedback and/or any contributions you wish to make to future editions of RED. We are here to support you in your work and value your input to future RhED planning and development. If you want a copy of the magazine please email or telephone 1800 458 752!

All the very best for a safe and rewarding year.




Trade talk

Apollo 45 (PDF)

Main Course (PDF)

Media talk

Media talk – disability

Dolly works the windows (Contribution) (PDF)

RhED celebrates

Migrant sex workers

Are you bi-lingual?

Learning (Contribution) (PDF)

Pathways to Exit

Does your bank look outside the square?

Male workers and advertising

Need a GP?

Mardi visits DMSC (PDF)

Q&A What to say? Clients and how to manage them (Contribution)

Working in Sydney – Korean and English (Contribution)

Genital herpes (HSV)

Safety in the BDSM dungeon: Your guide to safer kink (Contribution)

Gonorrhoea – English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

Welcome to the Scarlet Letters

We put the ho in Hobart!

Scarlet Alliance Forum 2012

The Scarlet Alliance update

Ugly Mugs

Film reviews (Contribution)



Lee-FitzroyAs Sandra Gibson is on leave, I’m the guest editor for the #22 edition of our fabulous RED magazine. So welcome to all our readers.

The past few months have been extremely busy and productive time for the RhED program. We have been busy reviewing our work and planning some fabulous new initiatives, so stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions to this edition. There are some great articles that provide useful, thought provoking and interesting information about the sex industry and our work at RhED. There’s a great article by Lizzie Smith, who describes some of the key findings from her research with sex workers on giving meaning to their sex work. This is really exciting research as it helps challenge negative views of sex workers and what one worker described as ‘internalised whore-phobia’.

RhED has a new flier reminding clients that it is illegal to remove a condom – you will see what it looks like on the inside front cover of this issue. The flier is providing very popular with the industry, which is great. If you want copies, contact RhED.

We have developed a short list of 10 things you need to know about oral sex – which is provided in Thai, English, Korean and Chinese languages. There is a great article about the new Fair Work Ombudsman education campaign on understanding of, and compliance with, workplace laws. And we have also included some information about volunteering with RhED.

Finally, RhED has launched its very own ‘page’ on Facebook! Whilst we have been on Facebook for some time, we will now be posting from our page You don’t have be in the sex industry to like us, you can be a supporter of RhED’s work and keep up to date with the industry. For those who are concerned about privacy your name will not appear on the page unless you comment or like a post/status update. So head on over and ‘like’ us, c’mon – you know you want to!

We hope you enjoy this edition of the RED mag and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a great idea about an article or topic for the next edition.

You can email us on, call us on 1800 458 752 or find out more information about RhED via our website:




Trade talk

Media talk

Women making Meanings (PDF)

10 things you need to know about Oral Sex

10 things you need to know about Oral Sex (Chinese)

10 things you need to know about Oral Sex (Korean)

10 things you need to know about Oral Sex (Thai)

Pathways to exit

The things you hear on outreach

Red light district (English, Chinese, Korean, Thai)

More students finding appeal in sex work (PDF)

It’s ok to pay (PDF)

Tips for male workers

Client relationship management

Musings (PDF)

Tips for clients


Fair work education campaign

Victoria Police SICU (PDF)

Alert licensees and managers (PDF)

RhED professional development

Reviews – Careless Love, Whores’ Glory, Black & White & Sex

Educate clients

BDSM workshop

Disability workshop

Tips on how to manage stress

Ugly mugs



I welcome all our readers to another full colour edition of RED.

2012 promises to be an exciting and progressive time for the RhED program.

We have moved into the year with a fully revitalised and replenished staff team, who, with their diverse range of skills and backgrounds will be a great asset to the work RhED does with the Victorian sex industry. Sadly, we farewelled Rhea Jacobs from the Pathways to Exit program and have since welcomed Rachel Shankland as her replacement. Newcomers to the RhED program are Sarah Rogan, Male and Trans* Portfolio and Stephanie Kiesel is the Young Women’s Support Worker. Read more about the RHED staff in their introductory profiles on pages 7&8.

This edition provides an interesting balance of newsworthy, informative and entertaining articles that will hopefully grab your attention and enlighten your understanding of RhED and the sex industry. In summary, editorials include, a tribute to the loss of Jazzy O; our customary media blurb; acknowledgement of RhED’s involvement in community education campaigns; some guiding advice for brothel and escort management; feedback on the Scarlet Alliance National Forum; the development of a ‘Starting Out Kit’ for sex and/or gender diverse & trans community, a call for bi-lingual translators/interpreters, along with various other articles of interest.

As you can see from my picture, the only thing that has changed is that now I co ordinate this highly esteemed and valued program!

Stay safe and all the very best for a thriving 2012. Oh, and don’t forget to check our website You can always ring us on 1800 458 752 or email us at

We wish you all an enjoyable read and keep those contributions coming.



Scarlet Road

Trade talk

Media talk

RhED introductions (PDF)

Pathways to exit

Are you bi-lingual in Chinese, Korean or Thai

To douch or Not (English)

To douch or Not (Thai)

To douch or Not (Chinese)

To douch or Not (Korean)

Woman’s vaginal health (PDF)

If your vagina got dressed what would it wear?

Darwin ho down (PDF)

RhED goes rural

Working in management (PDF)

Male Worker: Oral and Condoms

Trans* and Sex starting out resource

WorkCover and OH&S – AAEI response.

The things you hear on outreach

Sex worker friendly referrals needed

Festival of sex work 2012

Pride March

Ugly mugs


RhED professional development workshops


Welcome to the 20th edition of the RED magazine – printed in full colour to celebrate the diversity of the sex industry. We have been fortunate to have Barbara Hauser’s artwork printed throughout.

Once again this issue covers a diverse range of articles which we hope you find interesting and informative. Many thanks to the contributors who continue to add valuable perspectives and experiences to our readers. We endeavour to keep our magazine thought provoking and engaging of our broad reader base. This issue spans the creative, artistic, OH&S, RhED updates & the latest trade scuttlebutt. In Trade Talk you will learn about the “new worker” kit for people entering the industry.

There is also an article on gonorrhoea in the throat (which may go untreated if not detected). This has been translated into Thai, Chinese & Korean. There is further important information relating to WorkCover and OH&S laws. Reports on the Legal Brothel Signage project and the responses to the RED RENDEZ VOUS questionnaire will also make for interesting reading.

In response to the many queries received about approved managers pay rates, we have also featured information sourced from the Fair Work Infoline, which we hope will clarify any misunderstandings.

Hope you all enjoy the read. RhED is here to support you in the industry and please remember your ideas and feedback are always welcome. Don’t forget to visit the website for regular industry updates.


The Girls’ Exhibition

Trade talk

Media talk

Shantusi report

Pathways to Exit (PDF)

Gonorrhoea in the throat (English, Thai, Chinese, Korean)

The wrap

The importance of regular clientele (PDF)

Legal brothel signage

Is he an abuser?

My most memorable moment

Red Rendezvous questionnaire

Males & the sex industry

Workcover and the sex industry (PDF)

The sex industry and OH&S laws (PDF)

Sweden – no model for the sex industry

Sex around the world

Reviews – Sleeping Beauty & Special Treatment & The Romantic

Fair Work Act

Ugly mugs



Welcome readers to our autumn edition of RED#19.

Following on from a review of the RhED program that was completed in August last year, we have now appointed a project worker, Suzi Hayes to assist us in progressing some of the recommendations of the review. In particular, Suzi wants to hear from people we have worked with in the industry – see page 10 for more information.

We are planning to ramp up our advocacy starting with a high profile one day conference: “Shining a RhED light”. This is going to be held on 25 May 2011 and we are encouraging all industry workers to attend this conference, which promises to be a major platform for promoting sex industry research.
Check out the new sex worker pack which is aimed at people entering the industry or those who are new to the industry.

The RhED website has been revised and now operates in-house which means more efficient updates.

There have been major changes in 2010 to the legislation and more will be coming in 2011. The name has changed to The Sex Work Act. All PCA numbers become SWA numbers. And, most importantly, all private escort workers must renew their registrations every year or incur fines. There is more information on these changes in the magazine. RhED ran a pilot project late 2010 for the primary purpose of educating the clients about the differences between legal and illegal premises and to support sex workers in educating their clients about safe sex.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Red Rendezvous questionnaire – this group is looking at ways of supporting you and acknowledging your valuable contributions.

Enjoy the read and we look forward to working with you during the year.


Trade Talk

Media Talk

My touching base workshop experience (PDF)

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre clinics

RhED review outcome

10 things you need to know about oral sex (English, Korean, Chinese, Thai)

Illegal sex trade

Legal brothel signage (PDF)

Scarlet Alliance national conference

Madam Bibliotheque’s Bedside Companion

RhED book club (PDF)

Opportunity for support

Moving on update

International day to end violence against sex workers – New Zealand

International day to end violence against sex workers – Melbourne

Way back in 1978 (PDF)

Sex worker pride march

How’s a man to work (PDF)

Ugly Mugs

Big Sister is watching you

Too hot and yet to be explored – transmen and sex work in Victoria

Changes to laws



Welcome to another “crackerjack” edition of our magazine – RED#18.

An inaugural review of the RhED program was completed in august and will pave the way for the development of it’s five year strategic vision with clear priorities and objectives.

RhED is waiting to find out when the new sex work legislation will become active. This is expected to occur anytime between January and April 2011. All regulated brothels and escort agencies will be informed by regulatory bodies when the laws become active.

A major change is that exempt escort workers will be required to complete an annual statement. If exempt escort workers do not complete an annual statement, they can be fined up to 30 penalty points which totals $3,583.50 (each penalty point is $119.45). Read more about this in the Alerts section and if you have any questions, please telephone RhED on 1800 458 752.

Rates of gonorrhoea and syphilis have increased in the general community. You can inform your clients of this when they request a service without a condom. Remember you are the sex educators to the general community.
A new pilot project is being developed to provide clients with education about the difference between legal and illegal brothels. The aim of the project is to provide legal brothels with information they can provide to clients around safe sex practices and fines that can be imposed if clients are found on illegal premises. RhED will provide a report in RED#19.

Contributions are always needed and welcomed. In this edition we have a contribution from Anya which addresses the fine line of stalking and obsessive behaviours. From the conversations RhED has with workers, this does seem to be a common problem in the industry and it is hard to know how to manage it, especially when your stalker turns up in your everyday life. The article addresses the behaviours of stalking, obsessive love and provides helpful advice on what to do and how to do it.

Happy reading and remember your contributions and feedback are always highly valued by the RhED team.


Trade Talk

Media Talk

Moving on

Durability & disability

Cinema sofa with Verity Reel

RED crossword

Chlamydia – English, Korean, Chinese, Thai

Sexy feet

How much does herpes cost?

Madam Bibliotheque’s Bedside Companion

Working in rural sex land

International Day to End Violence rally

Celebrating diversity – trans and sex work

Robust response on sex trafficking enquiry

I ran a brothel in a country village

Barrier protection

Hello all RED Readers!

Welcome to edition 17 of the RED magazine. This edition is packed full of interesting and diverse articles, I will not point you directly to any in particular, I will let you discover them for yourself. We at RhED are always interested in your feedback and contributions in regard to the RED magazine.

We aim to be as inclusive and relevant to the readers as possible, so, if you have any suggestions or input, please feel free to contact us.


Safe sex slogan competition

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Did you know “Captured Beauty”

Above and then beyond some

Professional development calendar (PDF)

Gonorrhoea – English, Korean, Chinese

Scarlet Alliance National Forum

Gabby hits the road to rural Victoria

Escorting and rural Victoria

Love, sex and cold hard cash

Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anyone… (PDF)

Smiley Faces survey results (PDF)

Brothel outreach summary

International day to end fiolence against sex workers

The SHANTUSI study

The Swedish model (PDF)

From the Director, Consumer Affairs Victoria

Moving on – pilot project “Pathways to Exit Programs”

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship – visa verification

The story of the sex worker, the client and the baby

World Aids Day

Hello all RED Readers!

Welcome to edition 16 of the RED magazine. This edition is packed full of interesting and diverse articles, I will not point you directly to any in particular, I will let you discover them for yourself. We at RhED are always interested in your feedback and contributions in regard to the RED magazine.

We aim to be as inclusive and relevant to the readers as possible, so, if you have any suggestions or input, please feel free to contact us.


Trade Talk

Ugly Mugs

Media Talk

Shaking up the views of sex work (PDF)

International Whores’ Day 2009 (PDF)

Trans Lingo

RhED – Who we are in English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean

What is Syphilis?

RhED Crossword

Ups and Downs of a Recession

What other profession pays you to orgasm?

Tyson’s Story

Vanilla vs BDSM and Fetish Work (PDF)

Working girls face barriers to health care

Taking care of your mental health

I love paying for sex

Clients and the disabled

Safe Sex Slogan

Scarlet Letter

Amidst the global gloom this issue promises to be a bumper one – along with our regular columns Trade Talk and Media Talk we have a colourful and diverse array of articles.

We are extremely grateful for the passionate and professional contributions from our peer educators, Shirley and Joanna, both of whom have been invaluable assets to the RhED program. We would also like to express our gratitude to all our industry contributors to this edition of RED.

The RhED team wishes to thank you all for the enlightenment and enrichment you give to our work on a daily basis, whilst we look forward to your continued support and collaboration in making the sex industry a healthy, safe and respectful place to work.

Did you know?

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Oral sex – 10 things you need to know – in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai

Leaving the Sex Industry

Saying Goodbye to a friend (PDF)

Louis Theroux and the Brothel


How to be a High Class Escort

Hangin’ out with my friends and heroes

Scarlet Alliance: Australian Sex Workers’ Association

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) Enforcement Visit RhED

Letter to the Minister of Consumer Affairs

Brothel Statistics (PDF)

Non-latex Condoms

Lubed Up

Well, have we got a lot in store for you in this packed RED edition!

We have our regular articles such as Trade and Media talk, all very interesting. Under the umbrella of health and education we have an article debating the relevance of monthly STI testing for industry workers and if it is, from a public health and a personal worker perspective actually necessary. You can decide based on what you read.

We have nutrition tips for healthy body healthy mind and an article relating to drug use, in this edition the use of methamphetamine and its effect on sexual desire.

Additionally we have an informative article on Bondage and Discipline and the health and safety measures that should be incorporated if you are a B & D practitioner. In relation to workplace issues, we have included an article from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), clarifying their role in the regulation of the brothel industry – detailing the powers they have when they visit your brothel. Another article of interest around Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is around working alone and the considerations and strategies you need to put in place when working alone.

We have included a fascinating contribution to the RED magazine called ‘The Migrant Myth’ which challenges some of the current debates played out in the media and beyond about migrant sex workers.

Another exciting inclusion in this magazine is a contributor’s response to a previous reader contribution about running a brothel and what the original owner perceived was required. The current article challenges some of the stereotypes referred to in the original article, which was published in our previous edition. It is exciting for the RhED team to see and experience this kind of debate and be the medium through which it can be voiced. So, keep those contributions coming, they add true value to our publication.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Christian at Escape

New Worker – Carolyn Mogharbel

Where are you now?

Client Education – Testicular Self Examination

Monthly STI testing should be 3 monthly Pt.1 (PDF)

Monthly STI testing should be 3 monthly Pt.2 (PDF)

Methamphetamine and sexual desire

Bondage and Discipline (PDF)

RhED hot nutrition tips

The myth of the migrant

The great divide: views on sex work

Working Alone (PDF)

Response to Owning a Brothel

New sex worker training

Approved Managers’ Reference Group

Role of Consumer Affairs Victoria

Scarlet Letters

Co-op brothel promoters open escort agency in Victoria, Canada

Welcome to our latest edition, RED 13. Things are starting to speed up again after a summer break and the RhED team is looking forward to the year ahead, hoping for a great 2008. So in the context of a range of distractions we have managed to produce a diverse magazine with lots of interesting articles from a range of sources including industry contributions.

One of the main areas of work we are looking to for 2008 is the potential review of the Prostitution Control Act (PCA) in Victoria. Details on how you can be involved are in the magazine. The rest of the magazine is full of information about topics such as STIs, HPV vaccinations for boys and much more.

We hope you enjoy the read and please, keep those contributions coming.

Trade Talk

Media Talk


STI – English, Korean, Chinese, Thai


Sex worker reference group

Myth or Truth

Where are you now?

Dear Miriam

Approved managers/receptionists/hostesses

HPV vaccine: issues for boys

Sex Work and Disability (PDF)

Owning a Brothel (PDF)

A film review: On the casting couch with Verity Reel

Brothel Outreach Summary

Getting Your Share

The Doctor’s visit (PDF)

Discrimination and Doctors (PDF)

Factsheet: Your right to a fair go

Factsheet: Screening, vaccination and issuing of certificate

Welcome to RED #12, an edition filled with information and surprises. We have our usual columns such as trade talk and media talk however we also have a range of very diverse articles. There is the update on the rural outreach done by Gabby and Sally, an update on the goings on with the Australian Tax Office and it’s plans for compliance within the sex industry and an update on our Smiley Faces project.

We also welcome contributions to be included in the magazine from the industry – so keep them coming. Finally, a reminder and warm invitation for those interested to join our sex worker reference group. This is an opportunity to have your voice and views on all aspects of the industry heard and a forum to have your input to program and policy development. Join the dynamic group and have a lot of fun. more information on the reference group can be found in Trade Talk.

We do hope you enjoy the read and tell us what you think.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Rural Trip

Ugly Mugs

HIV/AIDS issues for the transgender community

Retiring from the Industry part 1 (PDF)

Retiring from the Industry part 2 (PDF)

Beyond Sexual Health – English

Beyond Sexual Health – Thai

Isolation in the Industry (PDF)

Tax Compliance

International Whores Day 2007 part 2 (PDF)

Income Recording Service

Colour Montage

Client Education: Prostate Cancer

International Whores Day 2007 part 1 (PDF)


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Smiley Faces

Welcome to RED #11. We hope that in this issue you find something of interest to you. We have important health information, so please take your time to read these articles. In addition we have an article about managing money and how to best make use of your hard earned money.

From a cross industry perspective, taxation has been at the forefront for a lot of people given the strategies used by the ATO to increase compliance.

Once again we have many fantastic reader contributions, so thank you and please keep these coming, we always welcome input from our readers and comments on how you think we are doing.

Please have fun and enjoy the read. RhED is here to support you, so call us if you need to on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Chlamydia Fact Sheet

Money matters

Clients and Sex Work (PDF)

The Power of Reception (PDF)

Does one of us have an STI or HIV?

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

Your Sexual Health (Korean)

Your Sexual Health (English)

Reference Group

Show me the money

People Trafficking

Credit cards part 3

My First Time (PDF)

Welcome to the 10th edition of the RED magazine. The magazine is packed with a variety of diverse stories and information for the sex industry, including the regular Trade Talk and Media Talk. We have incorporated fantastic reader contributions (keep them coming), feedback from our website, a reminder of what’s legal and what’s not translated into Korean. From a health information perspective there is a sexual health chart with an infection checklist. We encourage you to call the RhED team and book a STI workshop – it certainly helps clear up misinformation about STIs and blood borne viruses.

We hope you enjoy the read and please, keep those contributions coming, Remember RhED is here to support you so call us on our 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Summary 2005/2006

Burn Out

Did you Know – You & the Tax Man

ATO Poster

A Practical Guide to Dealing with Tax Visits

Sexual Health Chart

Feed Back From The Web

My Body, My Choice

What’s Legal? English and Korean

Book Review – Gals with Gay Pals

Peter’s Story (PDF)

Only From America – Part 3

Scarlet Letters

Sex Worker Reference Group

Welcome to our first edition of RED for 2006, celebrating the Chinese New Year!

This edition features an informative article on crystal-d-methamphetamine hydrochloride and it’s effects. Also included is a review of the recent aged care and disability workshop organised by RhED.

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of the mentioned articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Taxi Drivers and Working Girls

Aged Care Disability Workshop (PDF)

Brothel Outreach Summary

Rural Outreach

Did You Know-Hair Removal Methods

Card Merchant Facilities

Kate Holden: In My Skin; A Memoir-Book Review

Dear M

Working Girls in Melbourne Brothels

GST Questions and Answers

Career Geisha

Sex Worker Reference Group

Scarlet Alliance

Crystal-D-Methamphetamine Hydrochloride (PDF)

Only in America – Part 2



This Winter edition of the RED magazine is bursting with current information on the Australian Tax Office, the Prostitution Control Act, Trauma in the Workplace and the rise of Pole Dancing the latest fitness fad. In addition to this we have also included our regular features Trade and Media Talk, Fanny Hills Cook Book and review of ‘Belle De Jour’ .

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Tuesday Afternoon Court Session

Did You Know?

Is Douching Healthy? (PDF)

How Risky Is Oral Sex? (PDF)

Qualifications in Sex Work

Prostitution Control Act Debate (PDF)

Australian Tax Office

Scarlet Letters

Trapped in the Wrong Body

Sexy is a State of Mind (PDF)

Only from America

Pole Position

What’s in the Name- Red Light?

Belle De Jour- Book Review

Fanny Hill’s Cookbook

Talk is Cheap

Trauma in the Workplace

Card Merchant Facilities



Thanks to all who contributed to edition #7 of the RED magazine. This issue covers a range of topics such as Condoms and Sex Work, Why Condoms Break, and Dealing with the Police. The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

Peep Show

Next Door

Melbourne Becomes My New Home

Condoms & Sex Work (PDF)

Hi Everyone! Rachanee

A New Beginning- 2005

Adult Industry Celebrates

Fresh- HIV Positive Youth

Young Courage- One Guy’s Positive Story

Live In My Body

Dealing With The Police (PDF)

Australian Sex Workers On World Stage

Death On The Streets Again

Why Condoms Break (PDF)

Quiet Night? Bored Between Jobs (PDF)

This Is Why You Buy New Shoes!

Fanny Hill’s Cookbook

Jump The Desk


Thanks to all who contributed to edition #6 of the RED magazine. This issue covers a range of health topics including info on dams, sex and gender diverse health and STI research. We have also included some lighter reading in the form of book and movie reviews.

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

The 70’s

HIV/AIDS Article – Thai

HIV/AIDS Article – English

Hepatitis C

Competition Winners


Review: Secretary

Review: Monster

In The Groove (PDF)

Review: Shopaholic Abroad

Bondage & Discipline

World’s Very Best Emails

Transgender Transmission (PDF)

STI Research (PDF)

Sexual Health Handbook

Dams – What are they

Surrogate Therapy

Fanny Hill’s Cookbook


This issue covers a variety of topics that are both informative and of interest to the diverse range of our readership. Thank you to all of you who have contributed articles and input to this edition and can we ask you to keep them coming.

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Trade Talk

Media Talk

STI Rise

Hustling to Health

Shared Soultions & Safe Spaces

Sex in the City


Client Excuses

Worker Excuses

Value in Partnerships – The Outcomes (PDF)

US Gay Study

Poem – Windows to the Soul

Transgender-Name Changing (PDF)

You Can Control Your Hormones

Update on NZ

Servicing the Disabled

Raffel Winner


Bride Stripped Bare

Scarlet Alliance


The theme of this edition is diversity, so we have tried to incorporate a variety of themes and contributions, some serious and some lighthearted.The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Dear Sex Industry Workers

Trade Talk

Did you Know

Media Talk

Value In Partnerships (PDF)

Power Launch

On your feet, on your back

Dear all

Vanessa in Tigerlillies

Massage – More than his ego?

Global Honeys Unite

Drink Spiking in the Gay Community

Goodbye from Andrew Hartwich

Myths and Realities for men working on the street


Book Review

Road to Reform (PDF)

Update from Western Australia



In this edition there are a number of contributions from both sex workers and those with an interest in the industry – including an article by Kristen Murray about her views on the working conditions in the legal sex industry. Unfortunately we are not always able to include all work submitted and thank everyone including those who put forward work that did not make it into this edition. Please keep the contributions coming!

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Program Manager’s Report

RhED Mission Statement

Trade Talk

Media Talk

A Reader Writes

AEEI Report

Working Conditions in the Legal Sex Industry (PDF)

Sex With Strangers


Book Reviews

Mobilisation & Migration Part 2

A Note from Action for REACH OUT

What is Hep C?

Herpes & Warts Update

Sexy Star Signs

Gender Identity & Discrimination (PDF)

We try to ensure the material in RED is of relevance and interest to the readers, but this can sometimes be a bit tricky. So this edition includes an evaluation form and we appeal to readers to take the time to fill it out, jot down your comments and return it so we can include your views and areas of interest in future publications. Your contributions to the magazine are enormously welcome; they may be in the form of articles, stories, jokes, and ideas – whatever you would like to offer.


The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Program Updates

Trade Talk

Media Talk


The Trouble with Pokies (PDF)

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)

STI Update – Gonorrhoea

TransbordeRED Sex Work

Are You From Overseas?

Buprenorphine – Another Option for Users

Australian Adult Entertainment Industry Inc – AAEI begins with a Bang!

A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex – Part 2

Attorney General’s Street Prostitution Advisory Group (AGSPAG)

Book Review: Change for the Better by Georgina Beyer

BDSM – Behind the Scenes (PDF)



RED Readership Feedback Subscription Form

It’s a Small World After All

RED is the new name for Working Girl/Worker Boy magazine. The launch of RED reflects the revised name of our Program as RhED – Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry. Whilst continuing the tradition of health related and industry specific content, the dual format of Working Girl/Worker Boy has been redesigned to incorporate articles of interest to all members of the sex industry regardless of gender identity or job description.

The following is a list of the contents of the current issue, with links to the PDF versions of some of the articles. If you would like a full copy of the magazine, please contact us on 1800 458 752.

Program Manager’s Report

Program Staff Updates



Knowing Where We’ve Come From: Thanks and Farewell PCV History and Tribute (PDF)

Review: Sex Sin the City

Scarlet Alliance – 2000 AGM Report

Shared Solutions: Safe Spaces for Sex Workers (PDF)

Art Project 2000 ‘Rare Birds’

Taking Control – with Stockings, a Wooden Spoon, Hairbrush and a Shoelace

HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Every Woman Should … a Reader’s Contribution

Anal Manipulation as a Source of Pleasure

Part 1 ~ “A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex’

Plastic Fantastic? The Female Condom