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RhED Resources (archives)

The SHANTUSI Project 2011
(Surveying HIV and need in the unregulated sex industry)

As part of ISCHS’s ongoing commitment to dispelling myths and stereotypes about sex work, and advocating for the health and wellbeing of sex workers, ISCHS recently published research by RMIT academic Dr James Rowe into HIV risk and prevalence in Victoria’s unregulated sex industry.

The research also provided insights into the social determinants that impact the health and wellbeing of sex workers. The research was launched on 25 May 2011, at Inner South Community Health Service’s inaugural Health and Sex Work Research Symposium.

Read the full report
Read the executive summary
Read the call to action

RhED Vox Pop 2008
From March to September 2008, RhED asked the sex industry in Victoria various questions relating to the Prostitution Control Act (1994) – about the way that it works and about the way that it affects workers.
RhED Vox Pop Results

RhED in STI Online 2008
RhED’s recent research, Working Girls in Melbourne Brothels, has been published in the British Medical Journal’s online journal STI Online, a peer reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in all areas of sexual health.

Thanks again to all of the girls who worked with RhED to complete this internationally recognised research.

Working Girls in STI Journal

Working Girls in Melbourne Brothels 2008
Given the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a legal sex industry in Victoria, RhED felt it timely to explore the profile of women working in the industry.

A semi structured face to face, confidential survey was conducted with 100 women from the industry, capturing both day and night shift women. The information was collated and the data clustered according to themes and differences, highlighting the experiences of women working in the industry. The results presented in this report inform the RhED team and assist future planning and the development of brothel outreach services and resources.

Read articleWorking Girls in Melbourne Brothels

Power 2004
Sex that is not negotiated is not part of the deal. Sexual assault is not part of the job. POWER is a booklet that addresses sexual violence issues for workers in the sex industry and encourages them to take action. For a copy of Power call RhED on 1800 458 752 or click below to download a copy.
Power Booklet

Risky Business 2004
The Risky Business Project is specifically focused on the needs of street sex workers with regard to reducing sexual violence, and more generally toward the needs of the local community in reducing the impact of street sex work and injecting drug use. The Risky Business Project has produced the Risky Business Safety Kit that includes the Hot Safety Tips Booklet, Safety Contacts Key Card and Safety Whistle. Kits are available from RhED by calling 1800 458 752, or click the links below to download the contents of the Safety Booklet and Safety Key Card.
Risky Business Booklet

‘Sex in the City’ 2004
A Research Project about Young People and their Health and Sexual Practices.
Sex in the City