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RhED Workshops

RhED conducts workshops throughout the year with sex workers.

Workshops are where information is delivered along with demonstrations and discussion. RhED workshops are informative and enjoyable. The workshops can be delivered one to one, or in group settings.

Workshops can be done on site at brothels, escort agencies, workers’ homes or one of the Star  Health sites located in South Melbourne, Prahran or St Kilda – we are flexible and can go anywhere.

The most commonly requested workshop is the STI workshop. This workshop provides information on what to look for, how to talk to clients about STIs and how to debrief and look after yourself in the industry.

For sex workers – these workshops are delivered professionally and by people who have experience in the industry and other professionals.

For managers/owners – these workshops provide support and confidence to the workers.
The best workers are the most informed because they are happy and healthy.

RhED workshops:

Workshops Time
STIs How to work confidently and safely Upon request
For love or money

Identifying the myths of relationships

Looking at “self care” in relationships

Upon request
Times they are a changin’

How not to lose a booking

Inventive ways of keeping clients

Upon request
Ugly Mugs

An overview and how to report

Upon request


conducted annually

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism

Expert presentations of BDSM


Working with people with disabilities – sharing skills and knowledge from peers and other professionals


The Professional Development workshops are run over two days in May.


How to work safe – your guide to STIs Times they are a changin’
Ugly Mugs – an overview For love or money
BDSM Disability

For more information about workshops and professional development phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email