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RhED Health Educators

RhED Coordinator
Cat Hodgson

RhED health educators provide information, education, counselling/support, referrals and advocacy to people who work in the sex industry. They deliver these services to brothels, escort agencies and individual consultations, by outreach, telephone and electronic communication.
The health educators have a broad body of knowledge of the sex industry, including staff who have experience in the industry working together with other professionals.

RhED health educators are also able to provide secondary consults to people who work in agencies who may have sex workers who use their services.

RhED provides community education to allied health professionals, community development organisations, educational institutions or other organisations by request. Presentations and talks are tailored to audience needs. Please contact RhED on 1800 458 752 or click here to email

Communications Portfolio

Gabby manages the Communications portfolio and is responsible for distributing the RhED VOICE – an E-newsletter to key stakeholders in the sex industry, published three times per year. Gabby also manages the RhED Volunteer Program and welcomes enquiries from people who have done sex work and/or may be sex working and who would like to volunteer. Gabby is able to offer information and support with any questions you may have about requirements for working in the sex industry (including advertising,) sexual health and safer sex.

Gabby works Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Migrant and Multicultural Portfolio

Jessie works with people who identify as migrant sex workers. Jessie facilitates the community interpreter project which engages bi-lingual peers from the sex industry on brothel outreach. She is able to assist with information and referrals to appropriate services including visa information, sexual health and many other topics. RhED works with people of all genders and sexualities and is happy to hear from any person in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer communities who are engaged in the sex industry, in any capacity. RhED is also able to provide sex worker-friendly referrals to GLBTIQ services.

RED (magazine) portfolio

Katie is the contact person for the magazine RED (distributed to people who work in the sex industry through mail and outreach) published twice yearly in April and October. Katie is able to offer information and support with any questions you may have about requirements for working in the sex industry, sexual health, or safer sex.

Ugly Mugs portfolio

Alyx manages the Ugly Mugs portfolio where sex workers can report people/clients who commit offences against them in their place of work (brothel, escort, street). Such offences may include sexual assault (including removal of a condom), theft, physical assault or any other form of harassment or violence.

Male Health Educator

Nick is a Peer Health Educator at RhED and specialises in advocacy and harm reduction specifically for male and transmale sex workers. This position was borne out of the realisation that male-identifying sex workers faced unique challenges and trials with which a peer-based worker would better be able to assist. He offers support and guidance for sex workers who are either already in or brand new to the industry, liaises with external agencies and organisations and refers clients on to them when appropriate, and provides an honest and non-judgemental point of contact for a minority of an already marginalised industry. He also works very closely with local LGBTQ+ community spaces and tries to marry them to his work whenever he can. He works Tuesday to Thursday.