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RhEDSmiley Faces

Smiley Faces

Smiley-FaceThe RED magazine and the website identifies the Smiley Face brothels, with the ‘Smiley Faces’ logo. This enables sex workers – both new to the industry and visiting from interstate and overseas – the knowledge that their brothel welcomes RhED and that they are able to access information, education and support.

The development of a ‘Smiley Face’ logo was introduced in 2006 to formally acknowledge those brothels that welcomed RhED outreach workers into their establishments. Brothels awarded with the Smiley Face logo are publicised in RhED’s biannual magazine, which serves to inform brothel workers that RhED visits Smiley Face premises and that workers are able to access RhED services.

The Smiley Faces Project was inspired by a sex worker who expressed concern about a brothel refusing entry to the RhED outreach workers. Knowing that RhED played a key role in promoting the health and safety of sex workers in the legal industry, the worker asked “How do we know whether our brothel welcomes RhED?”

A secondary benefit has been the opportunity to establish positive relationships with the owners and managers in those brothels subscribing to ‘Smiley Faces’, and to provide them with relevant resources.

Due to the transient nature of the industry and the inability for businesses to advertise for management positions, management of these establishments is often subject to change. Such management changes can be supported by RhED outreach workers providing information to management about legislation and working environments.

The RhED outreach workers offer:

  • Up-to-date information for the industry
  • STI workshops
  • STI information and resources
  • Other workshops including Working in Changing Economic Times, For Love or Money
  • Information translated into relevant community languages
  • Linkages to sex industry friendly accountants and financial institutions
  • Information and resources for owner, managers and workers through confidential face-to-face or telephone services
  • Referrals to sex worker friendly accountants, counsellors, doctors and lawyers.

Remember, having a Smiley Face informs people entering the sex industry or sex workers visiting Melbourne from interstate and overseas that working in your brothel, they will be able to access RhED outreach workers and RhED materials.

For more information phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email