Disability support services in Victoria are now provided through the NDIS. If you are a sex worker seeking support with an NDIS application or support coordination, you can call the RhED line (1800 458 752) to discuss a referral to Pathways or the Star Health NDIS Team.

If you are seeking a sex worker who works with people with a disability, you can contact us for a referral. Likewise, if you are a sex worker who provides services to people with a disability, please contact us to be added to our referral list.

RhED provides workshops on providing services to people with a disability, please email us at sexworker@sexworker.org.au to find out about upcoming events. Workshops will be planned around COVID-19 restrictions and may be provided online.

Touching base is a Sydney based charitable organisation that works to connect sex workers and people with disabilities. Sex workers can access training workshops, resources and information about disability here. People with a disability and their carers can access information about accessing the sex industry, referral lists, and resources here.