Sex work is work.

People who do sex work are sex workers. Using reflective, accurate terminology will help to reduce the stigma and discrimination that sex workers may experience.

When you visit a sex worker, condoms are used for safer sex (oral, vaginal and anal). Be aware that if you ask for a service without a condom you will not be protected from STIs and BBVs.

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Expectations for clients of sex workers:

  • You are polite, respectful (and relaxed!).
  • Your body is fresh and clean (don’t be offended if the sex worker performs a brief health check or asks you to shower, this is standard practice).
  • You are not out of it, on drugs or alcohol.
  • You recognise that each sex worker has their own limits (e.g., kissing on the mouth may not be possible).
  • You both agree about the service beforehand. Clearly communicate what you want and find out the cost.
  • You always use a condom/dam and lube for all sexual contact.
  • If a disagreement does arise, remain reasonable and keep things in perspective. If you think you have a good reason to be dissatisfied, talk to the worker (or the management, if appropriate).


It is a crime to be threatening, indecent or abusive towards a sex worker. It’s also an offence to physically or sexually assault another person (Crimes Act). Removal of a condom is known as stealthing and is sexual assault. Non-payment of a sex work service is also sexual assault.

Disability referrals

RhED can support and refer you to disability friendly sex workers and brothels, talk about accessing services and share tips on how to make your booking pleasurable. You can also contact Touching Base for disability-friendly service providers in Victoria and nationally.

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For more information phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email