Training & Consultations

Training: Sex Worker Affirmative Practice Training

RhED delivers Sex Worker Affirmative Practice (SWAP) training to a range of community, legal and social services organisations, general practices and sexual health centres, universities and beyond throughout the year.  If your workplace, team or class is looking for a professional development opportunity related to sex work, our Sex Worker Affirmative Practice Training may be worth checking out! 

The training sessions are free of cost and usually cover the following topics:

  • Who is RhED?
  • What is sex work, who are sex workers and why do people work in the industry?
  • The consequences of conflating sex trafficking with sex work
  • Previous sex work legislation in Victoria & decriminalisation changes
  • Implicit bias, stigma and discrimination & impact on sex workers & sex workers’ access to services
  • Engaging in sex worker affirming & non-stigmatising practice

We also offer other forms of presentations on request throughout the year depending upon staff capacity.

For further information or questions on SWAP training or presentations email us at or phone 1800 458 752.  You can also fill out the SWAP training request form below! Alternatively, you can sign up for one of our Eventbrite Sex Worker Affirmative Practice sessions here!

Secondary Consults & Information Briefing

RhED also offers secondary consults and information briefings to individuals and groups.  Secondary consults can be delivered over the phone, virtually or in-person, and can be done individually or with a larger care team. Secondary consults may be able to support your sex worker affirming & non-stigmatising practice in the course or your work. 

Information briefings can be done virtually or in-person, and cover the programmes and services housed within RhED and how to best access them. 

To find out more about secondary consults or information briefings, feel free to contact us via email or phone 1800 458 752.