Hustling 2 Health (H2H)

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H2H Lounge Space runs from 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Hustling 2 Health (H2H) is a drop-in space for street based sex workers, held every Friday evening at 31 Grey St. Kilda from 5.30pm to 10pm. The service provides a cosy lounge room environment where people can relax, enjoy dinner and be assisted to access a range of health and community services. H2H guests can access masks, hand sanitiser and take home RATS. Also available are Covid and Hep B vaccinations.

H2H Lounge Space:

  • Safe lounge space open to all genders.
  • TV, movies, Wi-Fi and phone.
  • Showers and toilets.
  • Dinner, tea and coffee.
  • Access to clothing, shoes, toiletries, make-up and hand knitted blankets.
  • Access to safer sex supplies, NSP supplies and RED Magazine.
  • Report an Ugly Mugs incident with a RhED worker.
  • Access legal support and referral to counselling.
  • Access naloxone training and take home naloxone.
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