Justice Case Management

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The justice case management stream supports people who are currently working or have worked in the industry, and have current and/or ongoing legal issues which they need support around. Our justice case managers support people who are or who have been incarcerated, by connecting them with appropriate services, and supporting them around their health and wellbeing. The aim of this work is to assist those with barriers to accessing support, to improve health and reduce reoffending.

Eligibility for the justice case management program:
• You are a current or former sex worker.
• You have current legal matters.
• You are willing to attend regular appointments.

Justice case managers may support you in the following ways :
• Attend court with you.
• Connect you with a legal service.
• Visit you while you are incarcerated.
• Link you in with other support services.

All of our case managers believe that sex work is work. Their values align with RhED’s aim to support workers to achieve their goals and address barriers created by stigma and discrimination. You do not need to stop working in the sex industry to be eligible for these programs.

For more information phone RhED 1800 458 752 or email sexworker@sexworker.org.au