Ugly Mugs

Violence against sex workers is a crime.

Ugly Mugs is a violence prevention program that supports sex workers to share information to maintain their safety.

Ugly Mugs was originally started by sex workers in St Kilda in 1988 and is a system that has been recreated with success by sex worker communities around the world.

If you would like to report violence or nuisance see our online reporting form below


Contact a RhED team member on 1800 458 752

All information you provide is confidential and you can find Star Health’s privacy policy here:

If you are a sex worker or work alongside them you can subscribe to receive warnings further down this page

*Please note that we are unable to publish reports made by managers/owners on behalf of a worker. We also do not publish reports about other workers or venue owners.


Ugly Mugs portfolio holder: Alyx Emerald,, 0416 242 577 

If you would like to report with us over the phone or access debriefing with a RhED team member, you can call us on 1800 458 752 or email

Please note we are only available within business hours but you can leave a voicemail or email us with a request for a call-back.

If you require support regarding a sexual assault outside of business hours please call the Sexual Assault Crisis Line on 1800 806 292 or Vixen Collective Peer Support Line 0414 275 959*

* Please note, as Vixen Collective is a volunteer service the peer support phone can’t always be answered immediately – although Vixen Collective is often available seven days and outside of standard business hours. You can text Vixen and book in a peer support call back, or if you are comfortable leaving a message Vixen will call you back as soon possible.